Organ Donor Handbook

A hundred million Americans have made the decision to become organ donors. The number of those potentially affected by that decision is significantly higher. The loved ones of organ donors are often blindsided by the choice and its consequences. Learn about the important questions you should ask yourself and your family before you take this step.

This was the case for author Buddy Mix, whose wife, River, donated her lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys to five recipients throughout the United States. While mourning his wife, Mix was also struck with the flood of emotions and questions that come with organ donation. He was inspired to share his own personal journey and how his wife’s organ donation affected his life long after she was gone.

Mix takes you through the process of organ donation and explains what will be expected of your family and legal guardian. He raises questions about the ethics of keeping donor bodies on life support for longer than necessary and explores the legal ramifications of the process.

No one can make the personal decision to donate your organs for you, but you need to understand how your choice will affect your loved ones after you are gone.

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