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This blog was set up so everyone from recipients to families of donors can share their stories. Please take the time to share your experience so others can learn what becoming an organ donor entails for families left behind and for those who have been given that extra gift at life.

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  1. Sent to us via Email: “In 1993 I received a kidney / pancreas transplant. After 25 years of severe and uncontrolled diabetes I experienced kidney failure. Through the grace of God I only spent 6 weeks on dialysis and then got the call. I am now in my 24 year diabetes free and feeling great. Of course damage has been done , eyesight is failing and age 75 other things too are changing, I wobble when I walk. Since the transplants I have been active in the American diabetes Assoc as a pay back for my good fortune. I encourage all to become organ donors as I know it works.”
    —- Thomas Ragan

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